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amish productsOur journey started in the Beekeeping business. After a while, we realized that we needed to add natural products to complement our honey industry. What can taste better than homemade simple products made from natural ingredients and a line of tradition? So we visited a region that offered what we were looking for. The Amish.

We brought back natural jams, jellies, butters, pickled products and more. What a great welcoming the South Florida community gave to our new addition.  After much research, we finally could offer our customers what they wanted, products that were not loaded with high fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives.

We began offering the natural Amish products as well as our local raw honey in green markets, farmers markets and local stores. The response has been amazing so now we are offering our products online with the hopes of reaching out more people. We want everybody to enjoy these products. We are very customer oriented and enjoy dealing with the public. So please feel free to contact us at anytime. It really makes us feel good to bring you products that are healthy and good for you and at the same time offer great taste!


Joe and Cheryl Pellegrino

Coral Springs BizArt Festival was a lot of fun this year. Jam, Jelly & Honey House was proud to be part of it! We were also fortunate to get a nice closing spot on the Sun-Sentinel video. Take a look:


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