Fruit Emporium

Visit Fruit Emporium, our new partner in Sunrise, Florida. Located at 7792 NW 44th Street, Fruit Emporium has been in business serving the community since 1982. It is a local Farmer’s Market dedicated to bring you top quality products.

Here are the top three reasons we love working with Fruit Emporium:

  • Their produce is always fresh and their prices are great.
  • Its owner and manager, Les Himmel, has a great eye for a good produce package.
  • Fruit Emporium is very customer friendly.

At Fruit Emporium you can now sample our local raw honey. local raw honeyIt is jarred the same day or at the time of the sale. You can also find our Tupelo honey, the only honey that won’t cause blood sugar spikes in diabetics. Additionally, Fruit Emporium is stocking our local fresh Bee Pollen, which we harvest ourselves. You can also find our Amish Jams and Jellies which have no corn syrups or preservatives of any kind.