Green Markets

America and the whole world have used farmers’ markets as one of the oldest forms of direct marketing. From the “mercados” in South America to the street markets in Europe and Asia, farmers all over the world come together to a place to sell their fresh products directly to the public. They have been growing in popularity in the United States as people become more conscientious of what they eat. Most of the products you find in Green Markets are natural, organic or produced locally.

Green market honey
We are proud to be part of this growing trend in South Florida. Every Saturday you will find us in the Green Market of Coral Springs and every Sunday in the city of West Palm Beach. If you have not been to one of these green markets, we invite you to come and enjoy a few hours meeting local farmers or artisans and getting fresh and delicious produce. Click here for location. Stop by our stand to try some of our local honey and please say hello. We will love to meet you!