Holiday Gift Ideas

Gift baskets are a great gift for the Holidays – Actually, it doesn’t really have to be a basket, it can be a coffee mug, a box, pretty much any type of container. What’s important is to remember that everybody enjoys a treat and what better than our delicious, all natural, no preservatives products? Here are a few combination ideas for you to consider:

  1. Any of our delicious butters Apple butter, Pumpkin butter or Apple Pecan butter, some Colombian coffee and a good muffin mix or homemade banana bread.
  2. Four jars of our unique specialty jams: BLACK BEAR jam (blackberry, blueberry, and black raspberry), TRAFFIC jam (strawberry, red raspberry and blueberry), T.O.E. jam (tangerine, orange an elderberry) and FROG jam (fig, raspberry, orange, and ginger).
  3. For Honey lovers, a combination of different types of HONEY, a couple of Honey Sticks, some green tea and a candle.
  4. Some of our amazing Amish salsas, a bag of chips and a bottle of wine.
  5. Any of our specialty items!

…the combinations are endless. Remember to add a special message for that special someone wishing them the best this Holiday Season!

honey jams and jellies