Honey & Allergies

Freshly extracted local raw honey is the number one way to block or get rid of airborne allergies.  When using raw honey for allergies, it is very important that the honey is extracted within a sixty to seventy mile radius of where you live. Why? Because the bees need to be pollinating on the same kind of plants that are found in your area. Also, make sure that the honey is freshly extracted since, in time, honey will lose its health benefits. This is why we offer freshly extracted honey from all parts of Florida.raw honey

It is recommended to take one or two teaspoons of honey once a day for at least 30 days to start noticing a difference since it does take a while for your body to start creating immunity to airborne allergens. So instead of adding that teaspoon of sugar in your hot tea, cereal or oatmeal in the morning, add one or two teaspoons of honey!

Please feel free to call Joe to ask what kind of plants the bees are pollinating on and make sure to let him know what part of Florida you are from so we can send you the right honey. Call now 617-319-2877 or order online.