Joe & Cheryl’s Corner

If you know us, you know that we have lots of stories to share. We love our products and strive to choose the best so that you get to love them as well. So from time to time, we will share some of those stories in our blog for those of you that cannot make it to our stand at the Green Markets. We love to hear from you so please feel free to comment or ask us questions if you want to know more! Let’s start with our Jams and Jellies.

Our full line of Amish Jams, Jellies and Butters are made with all home grown products grown by the Amish with no pesticides and with their own cultivated seeds. Then they’re processed with all natural products, no corn syrups or additives of any kind. The fruit in the jams, jellies and butters are picked at their perfect ripeness to ensure the best flavor.

We offer more than twenty different jams, jellies and butters with no sugar added or artificial sweeteners.  Picking the fruit at the perfect ripeness means you don’t even need sugar. The fruit is so sweet, it tastes better than artificially sweetened products. We have a cult following on these products because once you taste them there is simply no replacement. The products that have sugar added only have five grams of sugar per serving. The reason why the Amish add so little sugar is that again they pick their fruit at the perfect ripeness so the fruit has the maximum amount of natural sugar from the fruit.