Nature’s Perfect Food: Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is considered a “superfood” because of the benefits it brings to your health. Bee Pollen is the tiny particles produced by plants and flowers of every variety. These tiny particles are gathered by the worker bees. They are collected on the bees’ legs and brought back to the hive and then turned into honey. It has been proven by many studies that Bee Pollen is the number one way to boost the immune system among many other benefits. It contains amino acids that satiate food cravings and help with weight loss. It also has high levels of B vitamins giving natural energy boost to your body.

We offer Bee Pollen in its raw form from local Florida plants and trees. How do you use it? Add one or two teaspoons to your morning smoothie. A month’s supply only costs $9.99. Read more about the benefits of Bee Pollen in this interesting article.