New Items

Take a peek at some of our new products:


COCONUT OIL – Most coconut oil comes from the Asia, South America and Central America. Our coconut oil is made from USA coconuts which means a fresher oil which is less likely to go bad and our price is thirty to forty percent less than in stores.


CARAMEL PECAN APPLE BUTTER – Tastes as good as it sounds and it is made by the Amish. All natural, pesticide free.


CARROT CAKE BUTTER – Also made the Amish with carrots that are grown without use of pesticides. The ingredients are carrots, sugar, and spices. It literally tastes just like carrot cake, it’s an amazing product!


PUMPKIN PECAN BUTTER – This butter is simply off the chart, good in smoothies, hot cereal and milk shakes. Pumpkins used are grown by the Amish, pesticide free.


GUAVA JAM – Great product at a great price! This Guava jam actually has pieces of guava inside.


SALTY DILL PICKLE CHIPS – If you like potato chips you will love salty dill pickle chips. The only danger is to want to eat the whole jar!


AMISH STRAWBERRY PRESERVE – The strawberries used to make this Amish preserve are picked ripe and are very sweet, no use of pesticides.

Order now online, call us at 617-319-2877 or stop by any of our locations. More new items are coming soon….Just wanted to give you a few Holiday gift ideas!