Who says we cannot enjoy some delicious treats without the guilt? Amish jams and jellies are great in yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, tarts, and much more. Here are some of our favorite combinations:

Yogurt: Add one tablespoon of our raw honey and two tablespoons of one of our natural jams to yogurt. Mix it up and enjoy a great all natural treat. If you don’t want to add sugar to your treat, simply use one of our delicious no-sugar-added jams. Just so you know, our no-sugar-added jams are loaded with fruit and sweetened with all natural fruit juice.

Smoothies: Use the same mixture to add to your fruit smoothies.

Ice cream: Because our jams have so much fruit in them, they make a wonderful topping for ice cream or you can blend them right into a milk shake.

Tarts: Spoon some of our jams onto the tart and you have an easy and delicious combination. Choose a gluten free tart, add some of our no-sugar-added jams and you have a gluten free sugarless treat!