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I was at the Coral Springs farmers market last week and I bought the Apple Pecan Butter which tasted like my grandmother used to make it. The Amish peanut butter was out of this world. Never had anything like this. I also bought the Mango Pepper Jelly and used that to marinate my chicken and it was out of this world. You need to contact Jam, Jelly & Honey House and you will get the best jam, jellies, and preserves. Cheryl R. Coral Springs, Fl

At the Acreage Green Market on Sunday, I purchased the local raw honey. They explained to me that the bees were pollinating on mango and leeches trees and that the honey was extracted the day before, I had never tasted honey this good in my life. I use honey every day. The variety of honey was unbelievable. I also bought a jar of Rhubarb Jam. I’d been looking everywhere for it and this was the only place I could find it. William R. West Palm Beach, Fl

The Sourwood Honey I purchased from you guys is without exaggeration the best honey I’ve had and I have been consuming honey for a long time. Will definitely continue to get it from you from now on.  Scott, Coral Springs, Fl
Came all the way from North Fort Myers because I heard about the Jam, Jelly & Honey House. Went to Coral Springs and found the best Dilly beans and the pickled asparagus I ever found. They are so great and just like ma used to make. You need to go there because you will get the best homemade pickled products like you had when you were growing up. It was the best. Pamela D. North Fort Myers, Fl
I was at the Coral Springs farmers market on Saturday and I bought the Amish salad dressing. It was the only salad dressing I ever bought that didn’t have any corn syrup or fillers in it. It was full of natural products and I did not have to shake it. I bought the vidalia onion cucumber dill and I bought the blueberry balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The best dressing I ever had. Judy M. Pompano Beach, Fl
I must confess I am not too fond of peanut butter. But the Amish definitely know how to make peanut butter absolutely delicious! Thank you, Joe, for bringing delicious natural products to our table!  Hilda, Coral Springs, Fl