What’s in the Salsa?

Amish Salsa – Simply the best salsa you’ve ever had! All the ingredients in this salsa are natural. The green onions, tomatoes, hot peppers, and spices are all home grown by the Amish. The fruit is all carefully selected and processed at the peak of their ripeness to ensure the best tasting salsa you will ever have. The salsa we offer comes in Cherry Salsa, Cranberry Salsa, Mango Salsa, Pineapple Salsa, Peach Salsa, Peach Salsa mild, Pumpkin Salsa. chopped salsasWe also offer Chopped salsa (mild, med, hot and nuclear), Chunky chopped salsa (mild, med, and hot), Corn Salsa and Black Bean Salsa.
This salsa comes in 16 and 17 oz jars and, at $6.99, it is simply a steal! Stop by one of our locations or order it online, you will love it….Joe guarantees it!